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Australian Owned & Made
Genuine Aussie Pet Food

If it is not good enough for our pets, it is not good enough for yours

Sapphire Nutrition Austrailan Pet Food

It all starts with quality ingredients

Trusted, locally sourced Australian produce where possible

Fresh ingredients are key to any recipe. When food is grown, raised or harvested in close proximity to production, it is at its peak, providing optimal quality and taste.

Locally sourced, Aussie produce first, Inverell NSW
◯ Inverell NSW

Made with love by our family to yours

It’s what we do that makes all the difference.

We prioritise your pets health

We understand the deep bond between pet owners and their furry companions and believe that their well-being starts with proper, appropriate food.

Real meat, chicken or fish as the first ingredient

Not all proteins are created equal. We use high-quality Aussie proteins to make better-tasting dog and cat food with remarkably real pet health benefits.

Each bite provides sustenance

We bring carefully selected ingredients to our pet food, backed by experience, knowledge and research. Every ingredient matters.

Care at every step

Our pets deserve only the best; we never compromise on quality or safety. Strict regulations on food safety and quality control ensure our pet food is as consistently safe as it is nutritious and delicious.

Expertly crafted

The process is just as important as the ingredients and the recipe. We strive to exceed good manufacturing practices.

Cooked to perfection in our world-class factory

Our investment in cutting-edge technology and our people enables us to produce your pet food to world-class standards.

Sapphire Nutrition Pet Food, Proudly Australian Owned and Made
◯ Aussie Owned & Made
Australian Owned & Made

Remarkably real. Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Packed with authentic ingredients and full of flavour

We are dedicated to providing you and your furry companion with the best possible products.