Our Process

Trusted, locally sourced Australian produce first

We control our own destiny.

Trusted partner with a proven track record
Our processes are designed to allow us to tailor our products to the unique needs of Australian pets.
Sapphire Nutrition is surronded by three major food bowls, Darling Downs, Moree Plains, Liverpool Plains
◯ Our humble rural setting
Sapphire Nutrition Inverell - Surrounded by three major food-bowls

Every ingredient matters

Pets need food to provide their bodies with necessary nutrients, energy, and substance required for growth, repair, and maintenance functions

Fresh ingredients are key to any recipe. At Sapphire Nutrition, we are fortunate to be surrounded by three major food bowls – Darling Downs, Liverpool Plains, and Moree Plains. This allows us to prioritise local ingredients, that will have a positive impact on taste and product performance.

Quality assurance

Care at every step

Manufacturing is just as important when making dry pet food as the actual recipe. We never compromise on quality or safety. Strict regulations on food safety and quality control ensure our pet food is as consistently safe as it is nutritious and delicious. Empty bowls means satisfied consumers.

Unparalleled expertise - Safe, healthy and tasty food for dogs & cats
◯ Unparalleled expertise
Sapphire Nutrition unsurpassed food for pets
◯ Unsurpassed food for pets

Cooked to perfection

We will be measured from bowl to bowl

Our investment in cutting-edge technology, experienced people and controlled process enables us to produce your pets food to a world-class standard.

Building a sustainable future

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

We are committed to providing great wholesome pet food while minimising our environmental impact. Through innovative practices and responsible sourcing, we strive to promote a healthier planet for future generations of pets and pet lovers.

The pet food industry started out as a scavenger and has always used ingredients that us humans would not readily consume. For example, rendering the by-products from salmon into salmon meal (pet food ingredient) reduces food waste and makes more efficient use of the resources needed to produce human foods.

With our dedication to both the well-being of pets and the planet, we aim to make a positive difference in the world, one bowl of pet food at a time.