Our Story

Proud pet people

At Sapphire Nutrition, our passion for pets drives everything we do.

Sapphire Nutrition - Proud pet people
Our commitment to pet owners is unwavering. We understand the deep bond that exists between pet owners and their furry companions and believe that their well-being starts with proper food.
Sapphire Nutrition Inverell NSW Factory

About us

We are an honest, family owned business with a truly remarkable Australian made story, that loves pets as part of the family, and is here to bring these values to the local community and beyond. We ensure what you see is what you get.

Embedded in rural NSW, our factory’s roots stretch back over 30 years with a reputation of producing some of Australia’s most iconic pet food brands.

Just like the farming communities surrounding us we have had to overcome a significant amount of adversity throughout our history. This has helped us develop a ‘can do’ attitude.

We have invested in the latest state of the art processing technologies, to accompany our already best in class facility and people.

Sapphire Nutrition Inverell NSW Factory
Pet industry experts - our passion for pets drives everything we do

Our people

We have attracted some of the most experienced industry experts in sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing, business management, nutrition and sales who are all dedicated to supplying world-class pet products and good old Aussie ingenuity & customer service.

Our Vision and Values

Helping improve the lives of all dogs and cats.

Sapphire Nutrition Values

We care about customers, consumers, our environment and aim to be transparent.


We are passionate about pets, people and the quality of work we do.


Helping educate pet owners and always striving to improve the life of pets.


Deliver good health and well-being through ingredient integrity, a focus on recipe’s and controlled processing.


People are our secret ingredient and the key point of difference as we are genuine and enjoy what we do.


Is part of our DNA, we want to be nimble, flexible, and keep evolving, ensuring our products stay relevant.


Inverell Is where we have been for over 30yrs, we are part of the community and want to ensure we are around for future generations.


We are no different to the rural communities around us, we all exist and get up each morning because we have a “can do” attitude.

Sapphire Nutrition trusted locally sourced Australian produce first
Sapphire Nutrition Inverell Rural NSW
Sapphire Nutrition trusted locally sourced Australian produce first
Sapphire Nutrition Inverell Rural NSW

Our community

Inverell is a town located in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia.

The surrounding region is primarily agricultural, with the main sources of income being livestock farming and cropping. Cattle and sheep are the primary livestock animals raised in the area, while wheat, barley, and canola are the main crops grown.

In addition to agriculture, there is also a significant mining industry in the region, with minerals such as sapphires, gold, and silver being extracted. Forestry and tourism are also minor contributors to the local economy.

Overall, the Inverell region is a thriving rural community that is able to support itself through a diverse range of industries.

Those living in and surrounding Inverell are often considered the salt of the earth, embodying genuine warmth and trustworthiness through their strong connections to community, nature, and straightforward values.